I am very thankful to Allah and feel honoured to be given the opportunity to study the knowledge of Deen under the tutelage of well-qualified teachers in an environment which fosters academic and spiritual excellence. Moreover, I have been given the opportunity to continue my journey in the path of ‘Ilm at the luxury of continuing to pursue my post-secondary studies. Our madrasah has been structured to accommodate those of us who want to pursue post-secondary studies. As such, I was able to complete my degree without compromising on my Islamic studies. I have benefited academically and morally in the company of my esteemed teachers and fellow students.

Hafiz Huzayfah – Bachelor of Business Administration, Schulich School of Business
Year 8 Alim Student

I am amazed and thankful to Allah that despite the Alim Program being part-time, we have covered so much of the Arabic language and other literature that we can understand many verses of the Qur’an that we hear in salah. I feel that Allah allowed us to progress a lot in the little time that we gave as a result of the sincerity and seriousness of our teachers. They consistently gave us their valuable time to teach us and encouraged us to give as much of our free time as we could to learn. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn the Qur’an under proficient teachers alongside doing university and is willing to devote his energy to both studies to enroll in this program.

Hafiz Shadman S. – Pursuing B.A.Sc Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
Year 7 Alim Student

Before finding out about this program I was told I could choose to be an accountant or an Alim but not both. Alhamdulillah this program allowed me to complete my accounting degree, gain work experience as an accountant and at the same time become an Alim. I would highly recommend this program for those who are interested in pursuing a secular degree and at the same time become an Alim.

Hafiz Zareef P. – Accountant, B.COMM
Year 7 Alim Student

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I came from Chicago to be in Al Khalil and to do my engineering studies in Toronto alongside this program. I have benefited a lot in all aspects. From a spiritual standpoint I can say that this program helps keep me close to the deen and it brings those around me closer as well. The knowledge that I have gained thus far has cleared many misconceptions/doubts that my family, friends, and I have had regarding salaat, wudhu, etc. The Arabic that I have learned thus far has significantly improved my understanding of the Quran and also the Arabic language in general. This program has been easy to manage with my university workload and I am glad I can strive towards the best of both worlds.

Mohammed Arshad Halim – Pursuing Mechanical Engineering
QAI 1 Student

The teachers at Al Khalil Academy always go above and beyond to accommodate student needs. The philosophy of the academy and the unique setup of its programs foster a supportive environment that encourages students to value productivity and strive for excellence. I am ever grateful to Allah (SWT) for the opportunity to attend Al Khalil Academy’s Alim Program as it has enhanced my life in ways I never thought were possible.

Ebrahim L. – Bachelor of Social Work, York University
Year 6 Alim Student

From zero understanding of Islam to developing a special bond with the book of Allāh, joining Alim course was the best decision of my life. Standing in tarāweeh and pondering over the Quran is an indescribable feeling of spirituality. Learning the various sciences of Islam in Arabic has exposed a sea of knowledge that one can delve into. The academic level provided by the scholars of this institute is very valuable. I would recommend this program to any motivated student.

Naqaash A.
Year 7 Alim Student

I have been with Al-Khalil for many years and have found the administration has been extremely helpful and accommodating. I’ve been able to study the Islamic sciences alongside my secular studies for a time and I now currently study while working full time as a high school teacher in the TDSB. I would highly recommend this program to those who are eager and willing to commit themselves to this noble pursuit.

Ibrahim D. – Teacher, BEd, HBSc
Year 6 Alim Student

An incredible program with amazingly dedicated teachers! I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone hoping to pursue secular studies while aiming to excel in the traditional Islamic sciences.

Musab M. – Computer Engineer
Year 8 Alim Student

Alhamdulillah, as a student of the Al Khalil Academy, I have experienced many benefits. My connection with the Quran has improved considerably because the meanings of the verses are becoming clear to me. Also, if one desires to purse other secular studies, it is possible to manage it while also being a student of this academy, because the programs and classes at Al Khalil are designed and intended for high school and university students. Lastly, all the teachers here are truly sincere in their sacrifices and efforts, and to be in the company of these Ulama and learn from them is a great blessing and benefit on it own.

Ahnaf B. – High School Student
Year 3 Alim Student


Alhamdulillah, with the Mercy of Allah alone, Al-Khalil has redefined the landscape of traditional Islamic learning by providing authentic knowledge at the hands of esteemed teachers. It is a rare chance to embrace a higher purpose. May Allah, the All Mighty, accept it and preserve it through His Mercy. Allahuma ameen.

Umm e Muhammad – PhD in Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto
Alimah 6 Student

All praise is due to Allah, who allowed us to study the Arabic language such that we are now able to translate and comprehend verses of the Qur’an as well as Ahadith and Arabic literature; all this, over the course of a mere 2 years. It is truly a blessing to be studying under such dedicated, inspiring, and sincere teachers, who not only care about our academic growth but also our spiritual growth. Additionally, studying at Al-Khalil Academy allows me to continue my post-secondary studies without having to compromise with seeking sacred Islamic education. Studying at Al-Khalil Academy, under the guidance of our esteemed teachers has brought great benefit to me and I encourage anyone who wishes to build a connection with the Book of Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) to enroll.

Saadia P. – Pursuing Bachelors in Psychology, York University
Alimah 6 Student

Alhamdulillah, it is through the immense blessings and mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa taala that we were enabled to partake in such an incredible program despite our obvious shortcomings. I am amazed at the structure and rigour of the program, the dedication and concern of our beloved teachers, and the tarbiyyah that is given to us. It is amazing how despite the program being part-time, there is so much barakah that Allah places through the sincere intentions of the administration and teachers, that we were able to cover so much in relatively little time. I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing Islamic studies and to increase their affinity with Qur’an and ahadith through studying Arabic to enroll in this program. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala accept us all increase us in beneficial knowledge.

Afrah M. – Pursuing Bachelors in Mental Health Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough
Alimah 6 Student

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I am very thankful to Allah ta’ala for the opportunity to study Sacred Knowledge. With the immense dedication and sincerity of our teachers, we are able to comprehend the verses of the Noble Qur’aan and the words of our beloved Messenger(saw). Our esteemed teachers have put in their valuable time not only for our academic progress but for our spiritual well-being and tarbiyyah as well. Furthermore, alongside the journey of Sacred Knowledge we have been granted the ability to complete our post-secondary studies. All of which is through the infinite mercy of Allah ta’ala. I would recommend anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort and wishes to learn the knowledge of Deen whilst completing their university studies to enroll in this program. I cannot do justice with my words for the blessing of being a student of Sacred Knowledge under such inspirational teachers. May Allah ta’ala allow us to benefit from His ilm and be a beacon of light for others.

Sarah A. – Pursuing Bachelors in Mental Health Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough
QAI 2 Student

Alhamdullilah this has been a very beneficial program for me in every way. I have been forced to manage my time more efficiently in order to balance school and Islamic education, therefore putting most of my time into studying and as a result wasting less time. The QAI program has taught me many important lessons which can directly be applied to my life, such as being able to read the Quran more fluently and exceed my understanding of its message in a clearer way. This is a program which I would recommend to anybody of any age, as it is an extremely worthwhile course where a person will only benefit in many ways.

Fawziya P. – High School Student
QAI 2 Student

Al Khalil Academy has equipped me with the right tools to better serve my community as an aspiring social worker.

Bint Imran – Bachelor of Social Work, Ryerson University
QAI 2 Student

I have found Al Khalil very beneficial alhamdulillah. All the subjects help me in my daily life. The teachers are amazing. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and loving.

Fahima M. – High School Student
QAI 1 Student

It has been amazing and I am very glad I joined this wonderful program. I always make dua that Allah swt will give me the ability to successfully complete this program.

High School Student
QAI 2 Student