Anjuman Program (Brothers)

Al Khalil Academy is pleased to introduce it’s inaugural Anjuman bi-weekly program, a tradition deeply rooted in Islamic seminaries across the world. The Anjuman holds a historical significance, dating back to the early days of Islamic education, and has been instrumental in nurturing the oratory and Quranic recitation skills of countless students. Our Anjuman program encompasses lectures, khutbas, and Quran recitation sessions, where students are provided with a unique platform to practice their oratory and recitation abilities. This venerable tradition not only sharpens their skills but also fosters a deeper connection with the Holy Quran. It serves as a cornerstone in the holistic educational experience Al Khalil Academy offers, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing well-rounded scholars. We anticipate witnessing the growth and proficiency of our students as they engage in a program rooted in tradition and educational excellence.

Additional Details

  • Scheduled for alternate Fridays starting from November 3rd, 2023 (9 PM to 10 PM)
  • This program holds a compulsory attendance requirement, and attendance will be duly recorded
  • Each group (listed below) will partake in a comprehensive schedule, including two lectures in English, two Khutbahs, and two Qiraat sessions
  • To ensure organizational coherence, there will be no opportunity for switching between assigned groups